Article I.
Introductory provisions

1) For the purposes of these operating rules, the driver and the occupants of the vehicle are referred to as ‘customer’. A person who enters the garage area on foot is called a ‘visitor’ for the purposes of these operating rules. The customer and the visitor are then collectively referred to as the ‘user’.

2) These Operating Regulations govern the rules for the use of the garage for the parking of users’ cars.

3) These Operating Rules for Garage Parking (hereinafter referred to as the “Operating Rules”) regulate the conditions of use of the garages in the building of EFI Residence Holzova, in Brno, at Holzova 3135/28, 628 00 Brno – Líšeň (hereinafter referred to as the “Garages” and the “Accommodation Facility”).

4) The operator of the Garages is the company EFI Byty, s.r.o., ID No.: 10845364, with registered office at Bratislavská 234/52, Zábrdovice, 602 00 Brno, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 123205 (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”).


6) Parking in the Garages is charged.

Article II.

1) The pass to enter the building and premises – chip, card or remote control is not transferable to Users other than the registered ones.

2) Users may not leave persons, animals, flammable or volatile substances in the interior space of a vehicle parked in the Garage, use the Garage for the production, handling or storage of explosives, highly flammable substances, poisons, drugs and other activities that may endanger or negatively affect the environment (e.g. Dust, noise, exhalation), load or unload items to/from vehicles, park vehicles or leave any items on the access and/or driveways to the Garage.

3) It is forbidden to carry out any repairs, including washing and maintenance of vehicles, in the Garage area as well as on the access and exit roads.

4) Users agree to follow the current instructions of the Operator or any other person authorized by the Operator and to observe any warning signs or markings.

5) Children under 10 years of age may only be in the garage area when accompanied by an adult.

6) The Garage area is only for customers entering with vehicles without a trailer weighing up to 3.5 tonnes or with motorcycles. Users are allowed to enter the garage with trucks and/or passenger motor vehicles equipped with trailers (trolleys, trailers, etc.) only with the prior consent of the Operator.
7) Garage doors are controlled by a proximity chip, card or remote control. The card or chip must be brought immediately close to the sensor. The garage door will open automatically when the code is read.
8) In the event of a malfunction of the garage door, entrance or exit door, the driver is obliged to report the malfunction to the Operator and follow the Operator’s instructions.
9) Any manipulation of the door, except for opening by chip, card or length control, is prohibited.
10) When entering and exiting the premises, it is necessary to wait for the full lift of the gate (its complete stop). It is forbidden to enter and exit just behind the vehicle in front. The gate closes automatically and could damage the gate and the vehicle. Any disobedience of this point will result in damage to the equipment, the repair of which must be paid for by the person causing the damage.
11) It is forbidden to stop and stand under an open gate.
12) The loss of a chip, card or remote control must be reported immediately to the Operator. The User is obliged to pay a fee of CZK 2.000,- for a new chip, card or remote control.
13) When parking the vehicle, the Customer shall always properly close and lock the vehicle so that it is always properly secured against theft.

14) Users are entitled to use the access roads to the Garages only for the entry/exit of personal motor vehicles. Users are not permitted to refuel or add fuel or other operating fluids to motor vehicles in the Garages or to carry out any repairs or maintenance of vehicles or similar activities. In the event of a breakdown of a parked vehicle, the User is obliged to inform the Operator. Users are obliged to maintain order in the Garage.
15) The speed of vehicles on the access road to the Garage shall not exceed 10 km/h. The maximum permitted clearance of parked vehicles is 2 m.
16) Parking of LPG, CNG and LNG vehicles or parking of LPG, CNG and LNG vehicles is prohibited.
17) Vehicles are not allowed to enter the Garage with snow on the body – the vehicle must be cleared of snow before entering the Garage.
18) Smoking is prohibited in the entire EFI Residence Holzova.
19) Users are obliged to leave the engines running only for the most necessary time. Warming up the engine while idling in the Garage area is forbidden!
20) Garages are designed as unmanned, not requiring permanent human attendance. The operator does not provide permanent supervision by a local operator. The User hereby acknowledges and expressly agrees that the Garage is not a guarded garage or a facility of a similar kind within the meaning of Section 2945(1) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended, and therefore the Operator shall not be liable to the User for damage caused to the vehicles located in the Garage and their accessories. The Operator is not liable for theft of vehicles, damage to vehicles or their accessories, nor for items that are not accessories of vehicles (i.e. luggage, valuables, documents, spare parts, etc., i.e. generally items left in the vehicle). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User undertakes to always properly secure the vehicle against theft and to prevent damage to the vehicle (motorcycle) and other belongings of the User and third parties and not to leave money or other valuables in the parked vehicle. The Customer is obliged to report any damages incurred during the use of the Garage to the Police of the Czech Republic and to the Operator immediately upon discovery.

1) The Operator is not responsible for the loss or damage of any vehicle located in the Garage, nor for the loss or destruction of any accessories of any vehicle located in the Garage or any other items left in the vehicle located in the Garage.
2) The Operator shall have the right to remove or have removed from the Garage, at the Operator’s expense, any vehicle that (i) is parked in a manner contrary to these Operating Rules or (ii) in any way impedes or restricts the operation of the Garage, (iii) pollutes the Garage, or (iv) in any other way endangers or restricts the Operator or other Users.

In Brno on 2.1.2023

Operator: EFI Byty, s.r.o. IČO: 10845364, with registered office Bratislavská 234/52, Zábrdovice, 602 00 Brno

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